Upcoming Events with Manil Suri

Thu, April 20
Bradley Hall, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
7:00 PM
Reading at Bradley University

Public reading from "The Big Bang of Numbers" and other works.

Sat, April 29
Talk at Annapolis Book Festival

Past Appearances

Mar 28 2023

Athenaeum Symposium at Montgomery College, MD

Feb 3 2023

Online Fireside Chat, Clubhouse, Quantum Photonics Group

Feb 1 2023

Building the Universe With Mathematics at Royal Institution, London, UK

Jan 24 2023

Building the Universe Through Maths, Asiatic Society, Mumbai

Jan 21 2023

Jaipur Literary Festival, Jaipur, India

Jan 16 2023

Book talk at Valley of the Word Festival, Dehradun, India

Nov 14 2022

Can We Build the Universe Using Only Math? Event at UMBC

Nov 3 2022

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN — IMA, Public Lecture Series

Oct 28 2022

Halloween Talk at American University

Sep 29 2022

Math, Fiction, Sexuality, The Universe: A Journey of Discovery at Johns Hopkins University