Upcoming Events with Manil Suri

Mon, October 2
CERAS, Room 101, 520 Galvez Mall, Stanford, CA
7:00 PM
So you write novels and teach.…mathematics?” Talk at YouCubed, Stanford University.

I will talk about how fiction and narrative can motivate learning in mathematics.

Tue, October 3
Atherton, CA
6:30 PM
Math Lovers Forum, Simons Laufer Math Science Institute (SLMath/​MSRI), Bay Area, CA

This is only for members of the Math Lovers Forum.

Thu, October 26
CMU, Pittsburgh, PA
5:00 PM
Talk at Carnegie Mellon University
Thu, November 9
House of Sweden, Washington, DC
6:30 PM
Book Talk with Maria Bouroncle for It Came to Me on a Whim”
Mon, November 20
Online, MoMath website
6:30 PM
Volumes” MoMath Book Club discussion

Past Appearances

Sep 14 2023

The Conversation Book Club, discussion of The Big Bang of Numbers”

Sep 13 2023

JLF at Asia Society in New York City

Jun 3 2023

John Maddox Lecture at Hay Festival in Wales, sponsored by the scientific journal Nature

Apr 29 2023

Talk at Annapolis Book Festival

Apr 20 2023

Reading at Bradley University

Mar 28 2023

Athenaeum Symposium at Montgomery College, MD

Feb 3 2023

Online Fireside Chat, Clubhouse, Quantum Photonics Group

Feb 1 2023

Building the Universe With Mathematics at Royal Institution, London, UK

Jan 24 2023

Building the Universe Through Maths, Asiatic Society, Mumbai

Jan 21 2023

Jaipur Literary Festival, Jaipur, India